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Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

CHIAL’s strategy, driven by its mission and vision, focusses on honoring and respecting its core values while delivering major overreaching goal of increasing passenger numbers. Currently, the airport’s total passanger count includes both business and leisure travelers.

The Company’s strategic medium term goal has been adjusted upwards of 4 million passengers enplaned and deplaned by 2022 which includes both domestic and international passengers.

Chandigarh Airport shall operate, maintain and preserve a high quality aviation facility which is safe and secure. Further, it will also deliver high quality aviation services by providing customer focused and efficient operations with respect to facilities, staff, finance & administration.

The authority shall not only be passenger focused, but will also be community focused and will respond to community preferences for commercial air service, gateway image & landscaping, noise and storm water management, etc.


To strengthen Chandigarh International Airport as the leading aviation hub and key engine for economic growth of the region.


Driving Regions Economic Prosperity through aviation and commercial development.


4 Million annual enplaned and deplaned passengers by 2022.

Primary vision of the country is to strengthen Chandigarh International Airport as the leading aviation hub and key engine for economic growth of the region. Further, the development is envisaged to be a safe, high quality and attractive airport with the leadership, operating skills and financial strength for successfully balancing community expectations to preserve and operate a community infrastructure asset and meet the rising quality and environmental standards.

CHIAL’s vision mission and strategic objectives were born from within the organization and anticipation by the management team regarding the future aviation trends. These findings by the management committee would form the foundation of a long term strategy for the Company which would further lead to the modernization of the Chandigarh International Airport.


The purpose of the business plan for Chandigarh International Airport is to develop decision level information for the Company to chart the future course of the airport. To accomplish this, and examination of the operations, financial and marketing strategies of the airport were made and reported. In addition, the business plan studied operational and managerial issues to be determined, if there were better or more efficient methods that could be used.

For any Suggestion/Feedback/Comments, contact: ixc@chial.org